HT Networks Co., Ltd

HT Networks Limited abbreviated as “HTN” was founded and registered in 2009.The head office of HTN is in Phnom Penh, the largest city of Cambodia.

Since 2009, the company start to provide internet service to small local business and connect to other service providers as an IXP. Since 2015, the company starts to focus on providing different types of high-quality internet services to local companies, banks, educational institutions, SMEs, franchisors, and households etc.

Major Internet Services


IXP (Internet Exchange Point): Internet Traffic exchange between Cambodia Domestic ISPs With technologies of up to 10Gbps Ultra High Performance and 24×365 Ultra High Availability.


IDC (Internet Data Center): Provides Infrastructure like server, server room, internet connection, IT room and air conditioner.


IXC (Inter-Exchange Carrier): Connecting VoIP Calls from Worldwide outside to Cambodia Domestic PSTN and Mobile Operator.

Contact Person


  • Office: +855-23-880-526
  • (FAX) +855-23-880-562
  • E-Mail:

Operation Manager

  • Ms. Vuth Banaka
  • Email:
  • Mobile: +855-12-841-624

Vision and Mission


  • “To provide premium IX services to all IP networks."
  • “To advance the building of a digital society."
  • “A Market Leader in Infrastructure Services."


  • Keep local Internet traffic within local infrastructure and to the reduce costs associated with traffic exchange between Internet Service Providers (ISPs).
  • Develop sustainable relationship with customers and business partner to achieve secured and reliable services.
  • Provide services of outstanding quality and innovation technology to customers as measured by professional standards.