What is DPLC?

DPLC is a dedicated private circuit, based on point-to-point digital leased line. It is a “domestic” service between customers’ premises countrywide, forming a backbone for customers’ domestic private network.


Demand for DPLC delivery is increasing with growing business needs for transferring high-bandwidth voice, data and video applications costeffectively. Multinational and National Companies continue to avail assured connectivity for their offices and sites situated nationwide. DPLC enables you to transport your data securely via a dedicated end-to-end facility based provider with a benefit of single point of contact. DPLC is based on TDM technology which runs on layer-1 of the OSI stack and hence it ensures secure data transmission.

Who Benefits?

DPLCs have become an essential requirement for organizations looking to capitalize on the latest technological developments in the IT and Telecommunication sectors. Some of the broad business segments where DPLC services are commonly used include:

  • Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • Telecom Carriers.
  • Multinational Companies.
  • Financial Institutions.
  • Educational Institutions.

Local Loop

What is Local Loop?

Wireless local loop is used for wireless communication links which deliver plain old telephone services or broadband services to customers. This is an ideal application which provides telephone services remotely and is mostly used in developing countries where cable infrastructure is either expensive or speed is not fast. This wireless link can be a part of the connection between the subscribers and switch.

This system is based on radio networks which provide services like telephone in remote areas. Different types of wireless local loop include Broadband Wireless Access, Radio in the Loop, Fixed Radio Access and Fixed Wireless Access. Wireless local loop market is one of the extremely growing markets which offer internet services and immediate access to internet for customers. And as the name suggests it is wireless which means that it does not use cables for the access of internet.